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What we do

 SeaCity, an ISO 9001:2015 accredited single stop Company for the Techno-Legal Consultancy. We are having expertise in Construction Claims, Arbitration, EOT, Escalation Claims, Deviations, COS, Quantity Surveying, Comprehensive DPR's, Project Consultancy for variety of projects for Civil, Infra-Rail,Road,Ports, Airports, Power projects, Industrial projects & are based in Mumbai & New Delhi.
We are more than a story about a company, it is about a way of thinking of contract Management, Construction Claims & Arbitration. We at the SeaCity to work with the companies that think we could make a difference. The Genesis of SeaCity was conceived in the passionate dream to construct value standing on the strong foundation of accuracy, transparency, trust & results.
SeaCity is committed to delivering excellence to Infra/Construction Companies, Project Owners, Industrialists by maintaining the highest standards of quality for consulting services within the construction industry. Advising various stakeholders in complex & difficult contract matters pertaining to Contracts & Claim Management.

Our experts have a wealth of experience in all facets of Construction Claims prepartion & Arbitration. The brief of our services are as under:

  • Contract Management
  • Preparation of Construction Claims for the losses suffered during/after the execution of the projects, Deviations, Price Escalations & many more complex Techno-Commercial-Financial-Legal issues resolution.
  • Dispute redressal/Conciliation/Mediation/Invocation of Arbitration as per Contract/Law. Construction Claims Identification, Preparation, Quantification & monetization of Claims, adjudication before the panel of Arbitrators & the appropriate court of law.
  • Preparation of EOT backed with undeniable hindrances to obtain desired Extension of Time along with Claims due to delays & hindrances.
  • Quantity Surveying & Mega Tender preparation
  • Project Auditing as an Independent Engineer & materials reconciliation.
  • Detailed Project Reports (DPR), Project Implementation.
  • Conciliation, Claims, arbitration and litigation.


We are the most professional organization fostered by the group of highly qualified professionals such as Contract Specialists, Claim experts, Construction Engineers, Business, Project & Contract Management maestros backed with Legal, Accounting & Financial wizards.

The cumulative experience of SeaCity team spans over Construction/Infrastructure projects is huge. During the years we have worked for plenty most reputed National fame major Infrastructure/Construction Companies, Industries & Project Owners spread over almost all the States of the Country as our Clients successfully brought the favourable awards in their favour.

It is crucial to be fully prepared. Our team makes sure that you are fully prepared along with relevant facts, detail and quantum of Claims, delay Analysis is duly converted to monetary gains to ensure that our clients are fully protected for their best interests. Additionally, we assist the Client with hand holding in hassle-free Claims Management & enthusiastic reward due to a lack of knowledge & pursuance.

We customize our services to meet each Client’s particular needs as per the type of Contract & the end of the projects. I personally work with each client throughout the duration of the claim preparation to filing the Soc before the Tribunal then to High courts & upto Supreme Court to ensure that our Clients achieve monetary gains/awards because of their financial losses during & after the project’s completion/Foreclosure/Termination.

We are proud to be one of its kind Consultants in providing a complete dossier of all services connected with serving notice for Dispute, Notice for Conciliations/mediation, preparation of Documents for Dispute Resolution Committee, Contract Management, Claim preparation, filing & pursuance Claims before Tribunal/arbitrators, award execution documents/arguments before High Court & lately pursuance before the Supreme Court to keep the award protected.

If you having a Contract/project you need us.