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An Extension of Time (EOT) can be either prospective, or retrospective. Any project faces delays and disruptions especially the mega/complex projects. Preparing EOT/delay and/or disruption is not an easy task and it is a time-consuming process especially in the mega/complex projects with thousands of activities, lots of details and interfaces with the involvement of many stakeholders.

The different methods that are used to prove delays, proving delays in mega/complex projects, whose schedules contain thousands of activities with many interfaces and lot of causes for delay and disruption is a complicated process and involves lots of details.

A prospective or retrospective Extension of Time (EOT), every project experiences delays and setbacks, but mega- and complicated projects especially. Preparing for EOT/delay and/or disruption is a difficult undertaking that takes time, especially in mega/complex projects with thousands of activities, numerous intricacies, and stakeholder participation.

The various approaches that are used to demonstrate delays, demonstrating delays in mega/complex projects, whose schedules contain thousands of activities with multiple interfaces and plenty of potential sources of delay and disruption, is a challenging task and requires a lot of specifics.

What We Do

We are Techno-Legal Experts in Construction Claims, Dispute Resolution, Conciliation, and Arbitration for construction projects that have been terminated/foreclosed or finished.

If you have sustained damages in your contracts for the hindrances /delays attributed to your Employer. Use our skills to file construction claims/arbitration and earn unimaginable sums.

Essential Skills

Manage Contracts & Claims
• Contractual correspondence, the creation of notices of dispute, conciliation, mediation, DAB, and arbitration requests.
• Identification and creation of solid defense arguments and counterarguments.
• Construction claims, dispute resolution, and arbitration.
• Getting ready for an Extension of Time
• Preparing a document for COS or deviations.
• Bringing favorable awards by bringing arbitration proceedings before the competent court of law or arbitral tribunal.
• Quality Assurance

General risk factors for employers include the following:

Delayed transfer of the job site
• Except as may be agreed in the contract, no portion of the permanent works may be used or occupied by the employer.
• Physically different from what was offered during the tender stage
• Modifications to the scope of the first contract
• Engineering deliverable that is late
• Late deliverables for purchases
• Changes for engineering deliverables on a regular basis
• Delay in approval over the contractually permitted amount
• Postponed payment
• Deliverables for engineering and procurement are not in order
• Putting an end to the work
• Negative climate conditions
• Alterations to the project’s requirements
• Force majeure (civil war, conflicts, invasion, terrorism, sabotage committed by parties other than the contractor’s employees).
• Subterranean utilities that are already in place but are not depicted on the as-built plan that the contractor got during the tendering process.

How can I submit an effective EOT claim?

To successfully submit an EOT claim, contractors must provide documentation to back up any additional expenses they are seeking payment for. Here are some suggestions that might be useful:
Look over your contract.

You must carefully study the contract, understand it, and be aware of the provisions controlling requests for extensions of time. Depending on the requirements, you may have to provide notices by a certain date or risk losing your right to file a claim. You should be informed of the valid reasons for supporting your claims.

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