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Our Services

We provide our services to all parts of the world without limitation of place & County. Our team of Techno-Commercial-Financial-Legal experts can assist with numerous construction services for Contractors & Project Owners include following

  • Construction Claims Management
  • Identification & preparation of foolproof Claims, Counter Claims/Statement of Defense
  • Drafting of Notices for Dispute, Conciliation, Mediation/DAB/DRB & invoking arbitration as per Contract or law of the land.
  • Arbitration & dispute Resolution
  • Extension Of Time (EOT) preparation
  • Escalation Claims.
  • Deviations/Change of Scope
  • Presenting Arbitration proceedings before the Arbitral Tribunal/appropriate Court of Law.
  • Execution of award
  • Rebuttal of LD
  • Computation of LD/Actual Losses
  • To act as Client Expert before the Arbitrators & Courts of Law
  • Contract Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Independent Engineer