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    SeaCity provides Techno-Legal services such as managing Contracts, Construction Claims Identification & Preparation, Dispute resolution, Conciliation/Mediation & Arbitration, EOT, Deviations, Change of Scope & Quantity Surveying for Infrastructure fraternity.

    Seacity is a fast-growing Techno-Legal consultancy and is managed by Technocrats, Legal experts, Chartered Accountants, Contract Specialists, Auditors who have decades of rich and diversified experience. Our team members are trained from IIT’s, NIT’s & NICMAR’s and uppermost universities of India as well as abroad.

    Our organization has a number of experienced lawyers and are experts in handling Arbitration cases for infrastructure & construction projects at all stages. Additionally, we have partnered with highly acclaimed senior lawyers who have a long standing in Arbitration and legal cases.

    SeaCity possesses unique skill sets that enable us to prepare and manage Construction Claims, Arbitration and Contract Management. Our Clients depend on our specialized knowledge and expertise of construction claims, to efficiently and cost effectively produce persuasive position statements to receive favourable awards.

    We specialize in guiding clients through the complexities of construction project setbacks, including extended timelines, contract terminations, foreclosures, and post-completion challenges. Our mission is to help clients achieve their project goals by offering expertise, practical business insights, and technological solutions. SeaCity customizes services to meet each client’s needs in claims and contract management.

    Our dedication to prioritizing client needs and consistently achieving favorable outcomes empowers us to efficiently handle every assignment to the benefit of our clients. We take pride in our extensive network of repeat clients and referrals, reflecting their trust in our ability to deliver results and solidify our reputation as a reliable partner in their success.

    About Our Team

    Members of our team frequently testify as experts against the opposite parties, judges, juries, and other decision-making bodies. We offer persuasive, pertinent, and trustworthy testimony in these venues regarding either factual or subjective issues.

    We assist clients in developing and implementing effective dispute resolution plans that will boost their profitability because of our experience with all facets of technical challenges, contractual concerns, litigation, and arbitration processes.

    Leadership in thought

    We have a reputation as a thought leader in many aspects and with particular experience in asset, cost and project management. Our most recent studies and insights, in which we remark on industry trends and new developments affecting our clients, are included below.

    Working in collaboration

    Collaborative approaches have numerous advantages that improve productivity, customer service, and competitiveness.

    Our company offers the following Techno-Legal Consultancy services:
    • Contract Management, Vendor agreement etc.
    • Legal project vetting, legal auditing of all compliance and legal project advice services.
    • Drafting, reviewing, and providing any other pertinent legal services for various contracts with project vendors.